Forced Womanhood 49

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Forced Womanhood 49

"Men transformed into sexy she-male slaves by Mistresses and Masters"
Verlag: Centurian Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2006
Format: Softcover
Sprache: englisch
Seitenanzahl: 47
Maße: 280x215mm
Sonstiges: Erotic Art von Aldo, Baker, Patrick und Kagan
As most of you know, Forced Womanhood is devoted to men and women who turn men into their she-male slaves. True stories of men turned into women through bondage, discipline and even chastisement. Some of the many stories: Punished by Mistresses, Sissy male looking for dominant women, two lesbians turn man into she-male slave then make love while he is bound up to watch, Sissy Slave Auction, Man wonders if he's gay because he's in love with a beautiful she-male, Wife turns husband into she-male and uses a strap-on dildo in his virgin pussy ass, The Baptism of calistah rebekah destine By Mistress Van Doren and Her slave calistah, Wife Dolls up wimp of a husband but not as he always dreamed - With Dildo Pants, Lady falls in love with crossdresser and tells him before they get married he has to be turned into a beautiful she-male and both get married in wedding dresses, Uppity Sissy Gets An Attitude Adjustment, All Dressed Up And No Way To Cum, Vengeful wife and jewelry designer combine to design ultimate chastity belt, Husband's Mistress Turns Him Into Chastised She-male Slave To Give Her Oral Satisfaction With His Tongue, and many more. A must issue with true stories, photos and incredible art."

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