Forced Womanhood 44

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Forced Womanhood 44

"Men transformed into sexy she-male slaves by Mistresses and Masters"
Verlag: Centurian Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2004
Format: Softcover
Sprache: englisch
Seitenanzahl: 46
Maße: 280x215mm
Sonstiges: Erotic Art von Aldo, Baker, Patrick und Kagan
"This is an issue you don't want to miss. Lots of true stories, great photos and beautiful art. Some of the many stories in this issue: Gay guy makes straight guy TV suck his cock, flossie is made into sissy then ringed and tagged, wife turns hubby into she-male bondage slave, woman leaves her she-male fit to be tied so she can go out, Wife introduces fem husband to banana man, man turned into she-male escort whore, man and wife have a wonderful life as she turns husband into she-male, lady uses sex games to make man into sissy she-male slave so she can have sex with others, Master enjoys spanking his she-male while she gives head, therapy proves effective on cheating spouse, woman turns man into very sexy she-male bondage slave, tormenting boss becomes tormented slave, office boy, bobbies plays dress up, a good lickin after hard day, man turned into beautiful transsexual to hook for money and many more! This issue is hardcore."

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