Saudelli - The First Book

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Saudelli - The First Book

"Bondage & Foot Fantasies"
Illustrator: Franco Saudelli
Publisher: Glittering Images
Year of issue: 1999
Format: Hardcover
Language: english, italian & french
Sides number: 128
Dimensions: 317x245mm
Other: For Sophisticated collectors of the Unusual
"First anthology of Saudelli's masterfully-rendered mistresses & damsels in distress: La Bionda: A Bondage Comedy Comix Serial, Tied and Gagged Nurses, Pedicured Sexy Lesbians, High-Heels & Bare-Feet Parade, Foot Tickling Sessions and Other Bizarre Fantasies, Bound Plump Women, Nude or Dressed Girls in Classic Bondage, Dedicated to John Willie & Irving Klaw, Muscle Fighting Girls, Olga senza scrupoli unpublished comic."

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