Raufeisen - The Art of

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Raufeisen - The Art of
Raufeisen - The Art of

Illustrator: Andreas Raufeisen
Publisher: MG Publishing
Year of issue: 2004
Format: Softcover
Language: english & german
Sides number: 48
Dimensions: 303x225mm
"Long legs and a wicked smile - that’s what the women in Andreas Raufeisen’s world use to get what they want! Statuesque sirens of desire, dressed for excess - whether in leather, spandex, or a latex nurse’s uniform! A fan of the kink in all of us, Andreas melds flesh with fantasy into a steamy mix of uncomfortable taboos! His technique is impeccable, his composition precise, and his use of some VERY familiar faces will leave you with a knowing grin of recognition!"

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